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As a young writer, author, poet, spoken-word artist, creative communicator, encourager, friend, advocate and teammate, I have been able to use the power of words to reach others in the most profound ways.



Growing up in foster care and dealing with the difficulties of cerebral palsy were challenges that brought out the fighter in me. It showed just how much God truly looked out for me and protected me. My birth mother may have passed away when I was young, but throughout life, I have not been without the love of a mother, or even the gentle protection of a father. The area of family has been both one of my greatest loves and most challenging place where I have had to fight for the good things that are supposed to come with it. 

As I have grown up, I learned the benefits of education being a useful tool in overcoming some of the most rough situations life throws you in. I majored in Computer Engineering at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University for 2.5 years, and took a semester off to rebalance my life after becoming abruptly homeless. I finally returned to my studies at Guilford Technical Community College to earn my Associates in Political Science and transferred to the University of North Carolina in Greensboro to achieve my Bachelors, also in Political Science with a concentration in pre-law. I am currently 26 years old, saving up for law school, working full-time in a job that allows me to still exercise the skills I learned in school such as hardware and software program navigation along with intense debating and negotiating skills. 

Things I have come to absolutely adore above all else are God, my church family, my writing, reading, and creative interior decorating. I love the idea of things, and my Pinterest page shows it. Things that I am overcoming was the residue left by my fight with ovarian cancer from the last year and a half along with the chemotherapy treatments that came with that.


Other things that I have been working on lately are improving my physical strength, growing with spiritual maturity, navigating the process of book planning, brand creating, and financial prosperity. 

If you are interested in learning more about me, feel free to ask. 


I am an open book! 


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