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The reason why telling your testimony is so important is because when we speak of where we come from, we are telling HIStory,too. It is an act of love. An act of worship to speak about the journey, the trials, the hardships, and even the pain, because those show who God is in the best way.

Being made in His image is what makes us a reflection of who He is. To tell what God has done for us is to tell how much He has loved us. It is worship, because we sing, speak, reflect on the acts of God. And that is why silence will forever be the enemy's best weapon to use. If he can keep us silent about what God has done and what we have faith that He will do, then He has diverted worship away from the One who created us. He has attempted to thwart the goodness that comes from our connection to the one and only God. Hasn't that been Satan's mission all along? He hates that we worship God and not him. He despises that we turn our love back to the one who's never stopped offering it. It bothers him to see us turn every act of living into an act of worship, and he seeks to destroy all that is.

This is why, it was so important for God to have man write His vision. To have His most trusted, which He knows aren't going to twist the truth, tell His story. The Word of God's scribes are everlasting because of the source of their inspiration. God is seen to be as good as His Word, definitely greater than, because the one thing that the enemy cannot slay is the Word of God.

God can rest His legacy on it. His mantle sits atop it. His character and integrity rely on it without fear of crushing it under the weight of who He is.

So the moment you think that you don't have it in you to speak up, reflect on the One who created you, because He has shown you the greatest story that has ever been told. God has given you His very own testimony. Use it to revitalize your inspiration. Ignite the words within you to speak about His goodness, His love, His sacrifice, and His legacy.

You are a scribe of God, because you write what God has already seen. A scribe is a visionary, not because of what they do, but because of what they see. Every time they write a word inspired by God, they are writing from the very memory of God. The Bible is a prime example of the memoir of God, more so than it is the struggle of humanity. To write what God sees is one of the greatest honors. It is a mantle that not everybody can carry.

If you know you are called to share your testimony, carry on, my friend. Tell God's HIStory, and tell it well.

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