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Is It Fear Or Anticipation?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Fear and excitement come from the same part of the brain, the hypothalamus. So when activated, what seems like fear is really our body's excited anticipation and preparation for a new experience through the increase of adrenaline. The same way our body provides adrenaline it is just as natural for God to provide everything we need for whatever the next level holds.

This explains why the bible describes the heart as deceitful. If we don't know what we are feeling, then how can we let ourselves be guided by it?

Sometimes, we mislabel what we are feeling because we are still immature in the emotional intelligence department. And that's okay, because it can always be improved and there can always be growth.

Example: For those of us who enjoy roller coasters, we get on with the intention of being excited and not fearful even at the edge of our first drop. You know that you can trust the engineers who built the ride, so there is no reason to be afraid. Yet, there is every reason to anticipate and be excited.

Even at the end of your last season, just like the body's para-sympathetic nervous system responds by decreasing respiration, decreasing your heart rate, and increasing your digestion, that lingering feeling of wanting to stay where it is comfortable is just your spirit's way of refueling before a long journey. It doesn't always mean that God is calling you to stay in that season. The Lord increases your provision and you begin to become more aware of it. What looks like nostalgia is often your spirit simply recalling what you need for today.

The truth is that God always guides you, even in the bad situations that you may find yourself in, and He will always give you provision.

Don't mistake your provision for a mislabeled feeling, otherwise, you may just drop it without even knowing what it is.

The light will always come on, but it is up to you to pray and use discernment to figure out the specifics. This will allow you to enjoy the journey a lot more. When searching for answers, it really can feel like there is so much we don't know so maybe we are unprepared for what we are about to walk into, but God actually gave you all that you will need for this season from your last.

Be encouraged & Be Blessed!

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