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It is Midnight

This came to me literally at midnight last night.

It is midnight...

Midnight might be a nightmare for the world who believes in goosebumps stories, but it is a blessing for those who believe in God.

A lot happens at midnight.

Just before midnight when the Angel of Death killed the Egyptian firstborn children, God told a weary Moses to paint the doorposts of every Israelite red from the blood of a lamb sacrifice. For some, midnight is the end, but for others, it is a saving grace. A moment where God offers a reprieve. A slice of time where your spirit can literally sigh with relief that what has persecuted you for so long is now being persecuted. Hello, Victory. You've endured your weeping, now it is time for morning. Midnight signals morning. The sacrifice has been made. You've gone through the hardest part of night. Now, you can see freedom just on the horizon.

Midnight is a spiritual time.

The very moment when Adam and Eve heard God beginning His usual walk through the Garden of Eden, midnight was approaching.

"Adam, where are you?"

A question that God didn't need to know the answer to, but Adam needed to find the answer. God was prompting him to speak of where he was, because his position was vital to God's timing. God was about to take His walk through the Garden. God was about to MOVE, but where was Adam?

Timing is nothing without position. For some, midnight has come and gone, because we have missed the signs. When your eyes are on God, you can know when and where He will move next, but when you are still weeping when you should be rejoicing, you will miss Him.

The sons of Issachar understood the times, but this didn't mean that they could just identify problems. This meant that they knew when the solution to those problems were about to be in alignment with the movement of God. Wherever there is a problem, God always presents the solution. So, track your solution. Track your answer, because it is midnight. Understanding the times requires action. Midnight is not the time to sleep when you should be praying without ceasing. Don't let this go over your head as you attempt to understand with natural eyes and natural thinking. Praying without ceasing has more to do with awareness than someone who has no life because they are too busy praying. Are you aware of the presence of God? Prayer is merely the best connection you can possibly have with God. When God is answering your prayer, it is a sign that He is near. He's come to you and you to Him. You've answered Adam's question, "Where are you?" with a definite "I am here, Lord" in your best Samuel voice.

The thing about prayer is that every time you pray, you are re-submitting your life to God. You are acknowledging His authority and power. You are letting your old man that desired its own power pass away while becoming the man that God has created you to be. Submission is renewal. Midnight is for prayer, because prayer is for revealing new wine-skins so God can pour. He's looking to pour. He has something to give. Something to offer. Why else would He spend all this time looking and beckoning for us to come home to Him? He has something that we don't. As vessels, we become new creatures for God to pour new wine into. Praying without ceasing also looks like the woman who as long as she kept providing the vessels, the oil kept flowing. "Without ceasing" indicates the necessity to continue. If you stop listening to God and if you stop letting Him pour into you, you will miss the signal to paint your doorpost red.

Things are about to switch up. God is transitioning. And we are transitioning with Him, because we know how to track the solution to the problems that the world has been fumbling with. It's light work to point out someone's problem, but can you discern the solution? Knowing what time it is takes discernment and wisdom.

The presence of darkness is often the indication of the coming of light. God is about to do something, and even Satan can't help himself to see, to attempt to thwart. Knowing it is midnight is about knowing that wherever the enemy hits you hardest is where God is about to bless you the most. Bear witness to your own salvation.

How do I know this?

Paul and Silas were on their way to prayer when a witch with the spirit of divination harassed them in the streets. Where there is darkness, there is always God. Even though they were thrown into prison for admonishing and rebuking the woman, an earthquake was about to happen that would shake the entire foundation of where they were. They needed to be in prison in order to see God move the very earth out of the way. God steps and the earth trembles. God speaks, and darkness cowers. Understanding that midnight is the time of your calling will distinguish the difference between how you handle the enemy. Ignoring him will save your position in society, but rebuking him with have you securing you a position to witness the power of God.

Midnight is when the earthquakes happen. I'd hate to sleep through that.

When you are getting tired and sleepy as night comes, the first thing to get heavy is your eye lids. The act of keeping watch requires your eyes to be open. Let your eyes be open. If you think this physical, you've already missed my point. Midnight is spiritual.

Midnight is for redemption.

"Midnight has a way of positioning a person in the right place at the right time, because they know who they are." - signed Ruth, Naomi's daughter-in-law.

The key to being Ruth at the feet of Boaz is to know your identity, not as a broken person, but as a whole person, because Naomi's advice would've gone unheard while Ruth continued to glean behind the workers in the field. If she had stayed in the field, then she would have never ended up on the threshing floor. Timing is everything. If she was unaware of who's field she was in, then she would have not known to change tactic. Strategy is dependent on knowing what time it is.

If Naomi never told Ruth that Boaz was her kinsmen redeemer, she'd never seek his feet. She'd never end up on the threshing floor. She'd miss her midnight redemption, and let her legacy die. Too much rode on her knowing who she was and where she needed to be. Too much depended on her knowing God's timing. (Ruth 3:8-11)

This is why Christ's return is described as a thief in the night. It's only sneaky and unexpected for those who aren't paying attention. But for those of us who are already facing in the direction of God, we will see Him coming.

It is midnight. And God is about to move. Where are you?

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