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The Pedigree of God

Mark 3:33-35 says, "But he answered them, saying, 'Who is my mother, or my brothers?' And He looked around in a circle at those who sat about Him, and said, 'Here are my mother and my brothers! For whoever does the will of God is my brother and my sister and mother."

During this time of celebrating and spending time with family, my mind has wondered to the meaning behind all of what we do during this season. I've started thinking about how family is incorporated in the holiday festivities and what it means to be bound by love and not just blood. I grew up in foster care. I was also one of the few who was able to get adopted, but for me there was always this aspect that because my blood was not genetically matching the family who took me in, then I was not a part of all that came with having that family. Some may understand what it feels like to be on the outskirts, to be the one on the edge of the frame where all the family portraits stood. Some can relate to what it feels like to be the black sheep, knowing that we could never make our fleece the same white tone as the rest of our family. No matter how much we tried, we could never be what we were not made to be.

It is only now that I am understanding that it was a blessing to be different. It was a virtue to not be like everyone else, because if we listened to the world telling us we are not alike or we are too different to be of any use to one another, then we miss the mission of God. It took Him 76 generations from Adam to Jesus to bring us back to redemption from one sin which doomed all of humanity. If we allow others to dictate who we are and where we belong, then we have sorely missed what God created us for. We nullify His efforts to save us through history. Adam may have made us black sheep, but Christ came to cleanse us and make us white as snow.

I believe that the very reason God instructed His prophets to document the genealogy of His people is to be a reminder that, yes, we crossed the sea, yes, we overcame captivity, yes, we had to rebuild so many times it becomes hard to count, but we are still God's people. We are still His. Regardless of what happens around us, or who may surround us, we still belong to God. Even though there were definitely moments in our history where we had to recollect the pieces, God was the one to give us the blueprints to both who we are and what we are called to. There will always be those breadcrumbs that lead us back to Him. And that, in and of itself, is a legacy worth living to for. To be known as the people who are so resilient that nothing can make us forget who we are is powerful. That is the standard we must uphold.

This week, the word "pedigree" has been bouncing around in my mind. Little things here and there reminding me to dig deeper. That's just how I am. I find a string and pull. So, I started doing a bit of research and found some things out about why God values us so much. The dictionary definition of "pedigree" is an ancestral line of descent that establishes excellence and purity through history.

During this time of recognizing the birth of Jesus, we are also acknowledging that it took Him generation after generation to get here. This wasn't because God couldn't get it right, it was because we have historically rejected those that came before Him, so God said, "I'll go." From Adam to Jesus, it is clearly not a light decision to allow Jesus to die for all of us, but it was God's last hope to save us. His decision was about family.

John 3:16 says,"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that, whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

The word "begotten" means to produce, to be the father of, to cause. Letting His own son die was letting a piece of Himself die also in the name of the greatest love that He has for us.

God defines our pedigree by His standard. In the bible, specifically in Numbers, God instructs Moses to record and separate the tribes of Israel according to their father's house. Each tribe had their own army, position and instruction on how to do their part in the larger body of Israel. There were many parts, but one body. Sound familiar? Reminds me a lot about how the Body of Christ is described. Only the Levites were left unnumbered because they represented the firstborns that belong to God. Each tribe was recognized by their father's house. So, in essence, God had to provide that familial connection in order for each person to benefit from the group. Everyone had a place. A space. A family that would cover, protect, and provide for them so that they never felt isolated in the midst of the masses, because, let's face it, the Israelites took being fruitful and multiplying extremely serious.

Just like they had their own tribe that they belonged to, they had a standard they upheld. It was an honorable thing to hold up the standard. That's what unified them. The standards being based on the very character of God. To be kind, just, loving, pure of heart, honest, holy, patient, and many more attributes that Christians today should be recognized as. It has taken me a while, which I have gracefully admitted, to realize that when God sees fit to give you a tribe, He is honoring you because He sees something of Himself in you. He is recognizing you as one of His own, because you have been found to be of His image.

He sees the Adam in you.

So, during this season, I encourage you to acknowledge the family and tribe that you have that may not be flesh of your flesh or bone of your bone. Love on the family that stands with you in upholding the same standard that God gave us to be righteous men and women of God. Our pedigree is honorable, pure, and holy. Now, that's something to be proud of!

Happy Holidays, my family!

- JamieY.

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